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KBP Curates Media Reality

KBP presents a group of artists who activate digital media through visual diagrams in order to investigate critical views about cultural change and perception. Media is revealed as a series of codes and devices that can shift through exchanges between video games, Internet or TV and reprocessed digital formats. These artists produce animations and printed illustrations of pure forms through methodical reversals between what is seen and what is thought to be seen — to reveal surfaces, messages, and coded reflections from a mediated reality.



Factors that Make Cameradojo Reviews so Awesome

  • 3 factors that make Cameradojo reviews so comprehensive and informative
  • Creating stunning images quite easier with some help from a review from Cameradojo
  • Developing your own style as a photographer with Cameradojo

Many people are asking, why is there a need to read these reviews from CAMERADOJO? What’s so special about their reviews that even seasoned designers are rooting for it?


We can find so many answers to these questions, though, but we will concentrate on these three factors why reviews from CAMERADOJO gives you more than just the latest in the photography and video world.

  • Easy Does It – This is, by far, the most potent reason why many are digging into these reviews from CAMERADOJO, it allows them to navigate on these tools the easy way. Most of these gadgets, drones in particular, are relatively new to photographers, so learning how to maneuver them with the help of these reviews is quite an advantage. These are more or less self-help articles.
  • Style Makes Photography – You will also learn how to improve your photo presentation with these reviews. Maneuvering your drone is one thing, creating stunning photos through it is another. So you eventually create your own style just by using these cool gadgets and after reading that informative review from CAMERADOJO.
  • It Saves a Lot – Of course, these CAMERADOJO reviews are also pocket-friendly. You’ll discover some of the affordable gadgets that they are offering, without scarifying that quality element in your photo. CAMERADOJO has a list of cheap yet durable drones and quadcopters that you can use, only if you’re patient enough to check out their reviews on a daily basis.

So, there you have it, three of the factors that make these reviews from CAMERADOJO quite awesome. You don’t have to dignify other reviews anymore as soon as you get hold of these CAMERADOJO reviews, they’re more than enough to make improvements to your images for a very long time.



Learning More About Sleeklens Workflows

  • Learning something out of reading reviews from Sleeklens
  • Easy editing using that Sleeklens workflow
  • Creating beautiful images via tools from Sleeklens

I am not a seasoned photographer. But I take pride in my photography. That’s because I love pictures that much. There’s that sense of satisfaction every time I take pictures of important events and edit them with the appropriate tools. And that’s the reason why I have chosen Sleeklens as my photo editing companion ever since it came out.


I want to learn about Sleeklens workflows by reading reviews about it. If I can do that on a daily basis, chances are, my brand of photography will improve in no time. Sleeklens offers the best solution when it comes to workflows in photo editing better than the rest that are offering the same kind of services.

There’s something about a Sleeklens workflow that makes editing so easy. For one, the tools that Sleeklens is offering allows you to do editing so quick and so easy, it’s as if you’re just making a slight adjustment to your images. And second, with its collection of photo editing solutions like presets and Photoshop Actions, it’s only a matter of time before you can come up with images that are so cool to the eyes.

So from the moment I heard about it, I said to myself, I want to learn about Sleeklens workflows by reading reviews. It pays to be a knowledgeable photographer through these reviews, because you know exactly what you need to do even before you start editing these photos.

Even expert photographers are taking heed of these reviews because it is making a stir in the photography world, editing-wise, which is quite easy to handle, and a lot of fun, too. Just that type of idea that I want to learn about Sleeklens workflows by reading reviews.



The Best Camera for Bike Enthusiasts

  • Options for recording your rides
  • Where to get a camera to mount on your helmet
  • What accessories can you go for

Biking has become a wondrous and amazing sport in the past few years. Many watch in awe as they traverse the trails and think that they too, can do that. Of course this will not happen without the help of great action cameras that capture the thrill of riding a bike. This is the unsung hero of the sport. If you are already a biker and you are thinking, “Where can I find a camera for my bike?” then stick around and maybe you’ll get some answers.


In recording your rides, you actually have a pretty good pool of options you can choose from. The market has increasingly put some of the best action cameras in the past few years. The first thing that comes to mind is a GoPro. GoPro is the leading brand in action cameras. They practically own it. Although it does come with a hefty price tag, you can argue that everything worth having comes at a price. From the Hero4 Session to the Hero4 Black, you will be guaranteed that you will get your money’s worth.

Another good choice is Garmin Virb. It’s not as pricey as a GoPro but it does its job well. It has an HD version which is a bit more expensive. But the best thing Garmin Virb has going for them is the ease of use of their cameras. Its image quality is solid and the device is pretty compact.

The most important accessory you need to have is the bike mount. Everything else is useless without it. You can either mount it on your helmet or maybe even on the handlebars. Another accessory to consider is the cam filter. It can move your filming to the next level.

As for the question “Where can I find a camera for my bike?”, the best answer is Amazon. Yep, it’s that simple. Try to look out for sales especially on Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. You can get the cameras you want at a discounted price.



Great Wedding Photos via Lightroom Presets

  • Photo editing tools that would make your wedding pics great
  • Offering a variety of features for the enhancement of your wedding photos
  • Cool bright effect for your wedding photos via Lightroom

Finding the right preset for your wedding pics can be quite daunting. You need to consider a lot of things, like color, texture, lines and even the overall composition of your photo. How much more with your wedding photos? Most of the time, you tend to be meticulous about it because you want something better than coming up with ordinary wedding photos.

There are great wedding Lightroom presets online that you can use on a daily basis. One of these cool wedding presets is the Wedding Look Lightroom Presets Free.


Great wedding Lightroom presets come in a variety of fashion, but Wedding Look offers a unique way of presenting your wedding pics on your social media page or website. Judging from its choices of features via Original Look, Cool and Cool Bright, you can assured that you will get the best possible enhancements for your wedding pics.

Enhancing the original look of your wedding photo bring with it a kind of authenticity to it. Sometimes it makes you feel that you’re seeing real-life images in your photo instead of merely looking at some flat representation of it. By enhancing certain lines courtesy of this particular feature from Wedding Look, your wedding images are much more interactive than those usual wedding photos.

These great wedding Lightroom presets wouldn’t be great if they do not enhance your wedding pics the way you wanted it to be. And they have become great because they never fail to put a smile on someone else’s face.

So if you are looking to make your wedding pics great, making them a notch higher than the rest of those posted online, then Lightroom is the photo-editing app to use from now on. And you can start by downloading this Wedding Look preset available online.



That Lightroom Retro Feel

  • Free, downloadable presets for your photos
  • A photo-editing tool that can create that retro, vintage look on your photos
  • That 70s style of presenting your photos online

Isn’t it cool to present your photos in retro mood? That’s sounds like disco, isn’t it? How awesome it would be if you can incorporate that colorful mood of retro into your photos. But that’s the excitement this Lightroom preset vintage can do to your picture.


Yes, Lightroom can bring back the old times. With its rich and varied collection of presets, and brushes you can now enhance your photos the way those old masters of photography do when it comes to photo editing. You can now create photos that has that 70s feel about it, complete with that neo sepia, worn out look associated with retro.

Retro is having a comeback lately. In fact, Millennials are digging it every time they post photos on their social media pages. It is as if it’s an entirely new genre. And this Lightroom preset vintage suits their style because it allows them to present their photos with more edge and authenticity, which you can’t easily get with photos that are saturated with a lot of colors.

With Lightroom preset vintage, however, your photos will have that historical perspective, which makes it closer to home, like a significant event that was captured a long time ago. Vintage presets differ from the rest in that it always brings something profound that was captured on film and that you are a part of it.

That is the essence of having this Lightroom preset vintage for your photo images. You intensify that historical perspective on your photo by applying the many effects of your vintage preset. Presenting a new photo with an old look. And Lightroom can possibly do that to your photos.

So download Lightroom now and transform your recent images like it has seen better days. Make it a year older, so to speak, making it more interesting to your viewers. And this Lightroom preset vintage is free online, so all you need to do now is to create that retro feel or look on your photo, according to your style and preference.



What Are Adobe Photoshop Actions and How Do You Install Them?

Basically, you don’t have to be an expert in using Adobe Photoshop to use actions. All you have to do is to read some helpful articles to guide you in using the program and its features.

pre4Professional photographers, artists,  graphic and web designers love to use Photoshop actions. Why? Because they can simply record and play the steps that they created anytime they want. They can use these series of actions to most of their images. Moreover, if they can’t make their own actions, they can always look for more downloadable and free adobe photoshop actions online.

Photoshop actions are indeed a great feature. It helps users save a lot of time and effort with their modification process.

As defined by Adobe users, photoshop action is a recorded step by step editing process. It can be applied to several images at once.

How to use and install Photoshop Actions?

Generally, you need to have a great photoshop actions to install, if you don’t have your own actions, you can download free adobe photoshop actions, check this Facebook page for more helpful articles.

Once you have an action, download the zip file, extract the files and you’ll find the .atn files there. Install the actions, apply it to your images and they’re good to go.




Why Use Adobe Lightroom?

LR11Having the best post processing tool is very important for us photographers since it plays an important role in helping us with our images. Some photo editing tools can be overwhelming, yet very time-consuming. We usually prefer having the best yet simple and uncomplicated tool like Lightroom to help us with our editing process.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best post processing tools, however, it requires more time and effort to finish one image as you need to edit it manually. We believe that the more we spend time editing images,  it is impossible for us to spend time doing our passion, and that is to take more pictures

Fortunately, when Adobe released Adobe Lightroom, we were enlightened by the thought that we can now have more time spending behind our cameras and take good photographs. Adobe Lightroom is intended to help us, photographers and other hobbyist save time and effort in editing images as it contains a lot of helpful features and services.

Unlike Photoshop, Lightroom allows us to copy the actions performed in one image and apply it to other images at once. I always use the copy and paste settings in Lightroom as it is more fast and convenient. I don’t need to do the same action all over again to apply it to the other images.

Now, let’s talk about the heart and soul of Lightroom called presets. It is more like instagram or vsco’s filtered images where you can use to apply to an image. However, presets can be used to one or more images at once. It is very simple and easy to create and use Lightroom presets. You just have to make specific adjustments depending on your choice and style. It can be one of the following: sepia, black and white, vintage, lomo and HDR settings. Presets can be found in the develop module in Lightroom’s interface. However, if you don’t want to create your own preset, you can always download it online for free and paid. Check more Sleeklens products and choose more high-quality presets.

Adobe Lightroom plays an important role in Photography. Hopefully, this article can help you understand and appreciate the program.



The Beauty of Free Lightroom Presets

Pictures express a thousand words. That is precisely the idea of having so many free Lightroom presets online. For every picture you have in your possession, there is a corresponding preset to that.

girl-879250_1280These presets offer a variety of options. From enhancing certain features of your face to adjustments of your picture background, these presets can do it all.

And as a sort of introduction, let us examine some of these presets in detail so we could experience the beauty of having them on our photos.

For instance the “SaraJ3an Brighten Preset Pack”. This preset brightens everything. If you have a photo that is in need of more lighting, this is the preset for you. This preset is perfect for those photos that has seen better days.

Another interesting preset is the “Camera Dojo Lightroom Essentials”. If you are into Japanese and with all the origami feel in it, this preset is its ultimate expression. And it makes the hue of your photo sharper.

“Focus Street Life Presets.” This free Lightroom preset resembles that used on album covers. It focuses more on those distinct features that makes street life more vibrant despite employing neutral colors on it.

Not to mention the “Wedding Fantasy Preset”. One of the more popular presets because of its “wedding” tag. This preset brings out the best of your wedding fantasies because it highlights the edges of those in the photo, particularly the groom and the bride.

“The Twilight Inspired Preset” This has nothing to do with the “Twilight” series on the silver screen, but it has all the features of giving an afterglow to a picture, a more resigned look in the process.

“Warm and Fuzzy Effect Preset” For those who are fond of posting pictures on social media, this preset is a happy addition. This free preset is ideal with a cup of coffee as a photo subject. You will crave for a night cap after enhancing your photo with this beautiful preset.






A few things every photographer should know

Evolution is the best way to become better at what you do. As a photographer, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind in order to evolve into not only a better photographer but a better business person. Some of these things challenge some of the myths and lies that float around the internet and inside photography communities regarding photography and related subjects.

You do not need the most expensive equipment, not at the start anyway

apple-iphone-smartphone-desk-largeOne of the biggest myths about photography is that you need the best or the most expensive photography equipment right off the beat. While a better camera will certainly give you higher quality images and make it easier to work with software such as Lightroom and its Lightroom Presets, the most important thing you need right off the bat is to learn all you can and all you need about Adobe Lightroom. This will allow you to become a better photographer and ensure you are able to produce something decent regardless of what equipment you have at hand.

Leave some time for growth

A lot of photographer who take on photography as a business ensure that they are always busy and that their schedules are full. While it certainly is important to make money off of what you are doing, you have to leave some time for growth. Find some time to do a few new things, time to learn a new skill or time to learn one more thing your pov camera or the equipment you have available can do. Mark your calendar with goals of new things you would like to try, new equipment you would like to master or new types of photography you would like to try. Growing one step at a time like this will do wonders to your photography.

Learn from others but don’t compare yourself to them

It is always a good idea to learn from those who came before you, they may have one or two things to teach you that you do not know. The one thing that you have to ensure you do not do is compare yourself to them. See your own growth and realize that they have been at this much longer than you. Do not let their successes or failures tear you down.

Learn how to use your equipment

creative-apple-desk-office-largePhotography is mostly about two things, skill and equipment. No matter how much you learn or how skilled you get, if you do not know how to use your equipment, you are wasting your time. Learn how to adjust your camera, how to use Lightroom presets on you computer, how to use shades and all other equipment that pertains to the job that you do. Ensure that your photography skills grow in tandem with your learning how to use the equipment you have available.



Get Lightroom Help

In terms of “image editing”, what software will pop up in your mind? Yes – Lightroom.

LR47Many of photographers are always searching for creativity and trendy looks to apply to their photos and almost all professional portrait photographers use a program called “Lightroom”, which is made by the same company that produces Photoshop.

As a photographer, I really love Lightroom because it can edit my photos in just one click and organize my photos in one place, and makes them available in my computer, on the web and on mobile devices.

Lightroom is one of the most famous options for photo editing and with good reason. Also, those who process a large number of photos can increase efficiency and can decrease the time spent processing and editing. One of those features that allows for a great deal of efficiency and save time is the use of presets, specifically in the Develop Module.

Lightroom offers a lot of presets and one they offered is premium lightroom presets. Lightroom presets designed to create stunning images and share your photos and tell your stories.  With these presets, you can save your time and can surely help you with the editing process.

With the help of presets, you can apply the same effects to images over and over again. One of the greatest things about Lightroom presets is that they are completely flexible and editable. You can make minor or major adjustments to those settings and suit the needs of a particular photo.

Lightroom comes with a small number of presets already installed and plus you can download free presets or purchase premium lightroom presets or create your own.

Here are some free presets that consider a high quality:

Sepia Chic; Sepia Chic 2; Basic Bam; Basic Bam 2; Modern Aged; Ultimate Fighter; Ultimate Fighter 2; Pretty Presets Autumn.

There are a lot of Lightroom presets that you can download free.



Making HDR Image from a Single Raw File in Lightroom


There are several different options when it comes processing HDR photos. One of these is to increase the dynamic range in Lightroom. Lightroom hdr preset settings allow you to make awesome and great HDR inspired looks with ease, you just adjust the right settings.

Some of my friends do not realize that my images are High Dynamic Range or HDR. I just want my photos and cv template design looks realistic or natural that reflects the real word.

The capability to alter color temperature, brightness, exposure and saturation is much more limited with JPEG files rather than to RAW files.  If you want to create an HDR look from a single image, you need “shoot in raw.” Actually, Lightroom does such a good job of processing raw files. It is very wise to take a few different shots of your scene at different levels of exposure in order to get the hang of just what level of exposure you need. If your shot is too bright, you will have no details left in your highlights while if your shot is too dark, then you’re going to generate too much noise brightening the shadows. In addition, RAW files will always look dark and gloomy from the camera since there is post production applied to the image. I strongly suggest that you turn on your highlight alert to make sure you didn’t blow your highlights shadows.

Typically dial in an estimated brightness level so that you can see the right effect when applying other adjustments. First, start with +80 as a baseline. Yet, try to visit again the brightness to make sure it’s exact contrast/black levels are adjusted.  Set your Contrast to +100, you need to make sure that the shot doesn’t look faked. Then, set your black to +7; you need to make sure that the black scene is truly black versus a dark shade of grey.  You must be careful to not clip too much of the shadows in the scene by taking your blacks too high. Adjust the brightness to +110, this level of brightness will guarantee that it comes out correctly from your printers.  To get the HDR look, you must burn your highlights while dodging your shadows in order to balance out the overall exposure.

As a surely easy and fast way to add HDR effects to a photo and really pull all you can out of it, the above strategies are proven help me.



Newest Feature of Lightroom 5: Smart Preview

PBN1Adobe lightroom has been around for quite some time now, and they have been always consistent in providing the best features for photo editing.

The company has pushed lightroom on the way to the mainstream of photography with a lot of new and exciting features. Unlike its previous versions, lightroom 5 is nothing more but extraordinary. As early as its first month, the program was considered one of the greatest versions of lightroom.

Moreover, lightroom 5 was smartly recognized by most photographers since it is very easy to use and has a lot of editing options. Although there are some bugs noted on its first release, the company managed to fix it immediately. Lightroom 5 offers new options that can convert regular images into a more high quality images. Moreover, photographers can edit images while travelling; thanks to its new feature called Smart Previews.

There are a lot of lightroom 5 presets free available online. However, some of it doesn’t have a good quality bundles of presets. Therefore, you really need to be careful in downloading presets online. Make sure to get the best ones.

Smart Previews are copies of high-quality JPEG and RAW images that is stored in lightroom’s DNG format. Basically, these images will take up to 1 Megabyte of storage. However, for those users who want to limit the storage files, they can set lightroom to automatically make Smart Previews of their imported images to its library.

Adobe Lightroom 5 has a lot to offer including new simple ways to display your edited images. With lightroom, it is easier to create personalize lightroom 5 presets free, slideshows, video clips and more. Everything you need to do about photography can be done in lightroom.

Generally, I can say that this latest version of lightroom 5 is the best update so far. In addition, Smart Previews allows users to save time while editing the image. Modifying images is more fun with lightroom 5 as its tools are more usable and easy.



Three Reasons Every Beginners Should Know

What is lightroom?

According to Wikipedia, “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a photo processor and image organizer developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X. It allows viewing, organizing and retouching a large number of digital images.” If you want to try lightroom, watch the video below about how to install lightroom in mac and other devices.

LR1In this article, we will showcase the three main reasons that every beginners should know about lightroom.  Lightroom simply:

Stores filtered and edited images in one folder

You can create as many folders and sub folders in lightroom, but if you want to be more organized with your files, it is best to save and import photos in one computer. In this way, you can prevent confusion and delays in finding your images.

Utilize lightroom collections instead of using folders

Folders are very useful in lightroom as all the imported files will be stored in one main folder. Everything is in it from raw to edited images. However, for professional photographers, folder is not enough to store files. They need a tool that will store all the edited and nice images. That is the reason why adobe created lightroom, they want to help photographers organize their edited files since collections are safe and will keep photos intact.

Saves time in editing images

Professional photographers have a lot of raw images to work on. They needed a week or more to modify images one by one manually. But with lightroom, everything is easy. They can apply fantastic filters to tons of images in just a few clicks. Lightroom will do all the modification in seconds.

Lightroom is one of the best programs ever created. A lot of photographers are starting to shift from photoshop to lightroom since it gives them time to relax and get more wonderful images.



The Basics of Lightroom’s Control Panel

IMAGE1Adobe Lightroom has a lot of exciting features that can easily puzzle the minds of those who are new to the program. While lightroom offers a lot of editing styles, it is also important to understand the basic controls of it in order to create the best presets as possible. In this article/review, we will explain the functions and importance of each basic control so that you can use and create presets smoothly, fast and easy. Read on and understand the basics of lightroom’s control panel.

The basic control panel is found in the “develop module” located below the display of histogram at the top right side of the screen.  Increasing the control panel will show a lot of basic lightroom controls. These controls will also give ideas about the benefits of both exposure compensation adjustments and white balance. Adobe Lightroom was created with a complete set of editing tools to help photographers with their editing process. There are also a lot of lightroom presets free to download on the web.

Listed below are the three important controls in lightroom.

The Basic Settings


Modifying this basic setting will make your images both dark and lively. In order to adjust the contrast, you just have to move the slider from left to right, depending on how you want your image to look at. This control is perfect for both minor and major tweaking since the tone, brightness and color of the image depends on it.

White Balance

This control is found almost everywhere, from smartphones to camera and other online photo application. However, some auto white balance setting may not be suitable for all images. These basic white balance settings in lightroom are there to help you control the right amount of color in a every image you want to edit.


This is the first setting to shown in lightroom’s basic control panel. You can modify and use it to treat an image. In treatment control, you can either adjust the color of an image or make it black and white. This control is perfect for those dull images.

Boundaries of the JPEG Format

Ideally, you can find all the basic functions in the control panel when editing images with JPEG formats. However, the result will have a less exposure and latitude. If you encounter small errors in any lightroom controls, the program will automatically fix it immediately. Moreover, for major editing project, lightroom does not work perfectly with JPEG format. It lessens the quality of an image since JPEGs restricts the amount of color, highlights and shadows. So, we recommend you to edit JPEG images carefully.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:


corel paintshop pro

This Year’s Best Photo Editing Software

Perhaps in the field of photo editing through your computers, two big names appear in the picture: Adobe and Corel. Through the years, despite numerous other application competitors, Adobe and Corel have maintained their supremacy as the world’s top 2 best companies that developed the best photo editing software applications.

Though it is true that Adobe and Corel doesn’t focus on image editing and manipulation, but also creates products in the fields of video editing, acoustic editing, vector drawing and page design, among others, their photo editing software can be considered as the pillars of their creative suite.

In this era where image editing and manipulation seems to be more than just a luxury but already a necessity for artists, photographers, and photography enthusiasts, it is perhaps the right time to answer: What is really the best photo editing software? Is it Corel’s product or Adobe’s?

Corel PaintShop Pro
corel paintshop proPaintShop Pro, developed by Corel, is a much strong and multi-functional photo editing software, combining the features of Adobe Photoshop with integrated photo management techniques and tools. The interface of PaintShop Pro is not similar to that of Adobe Photoshop, that’s why users accustomed to the GUI of Photoshop may need to have time to study PaintShop’s interface. Despite their difference in the appearance and interface, the foundation and basic principles are practically the same. PaintShop is designed for both beginners and experts, it is lightweight and easy to use.

Unlike Photoshop, PaintShop is an all-in-one program with the combination of the three tabs, namely: Manage, Adjust and Edit. The Manage tab is used to organize the images and photos and to display the contents and inclusions of different already existing folders and also to create different photo collections which will be the storage of your images which are similar with each other. The Adjust tab is used for easy and quick adjustments on your image, including different filters and eye-catching effects. The hardcore editing is done through the Edit tab which is very much the same with Adobe Photoshop in the use of layers, masks and others.

Adobe Photoshop
adobe photoshopAdobe Photoshop boasts a very friendly Graphical User Interface which enables even the slowest learners in the world learn how to manipulate and operate the program within a short period of time. Adobe Photoshop comes in different versions depending on your need and wants, there is the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for easy editing just like the Adjust tab in Corel. For more hardcore editing, there is the Photoshop CS and CC plus the Photoshop Elements. There is also the Photoshop Express and Photoshop Touch.

Photoshop practically has many fully-functional and high-powered tools that can be used for total image editing. Also, Photoshop CS6 and higher brings with it the 3D feature, which allows you to edit your images in a three-dimensional phase. This is a very integral addition to the numerous tools of Photoshop.

In contrast to Corel Paintshop Pro, Adobe Photoshop needs the help of Adobe Bridge for the organization and viewing of image files. Adobe Lightroom, which is the counterpart of the Manage feature of Corel, is a different software from the hardcore editing software. So all in all, if you want to Manage, Adjust and Edit, you will have to install three different applications. The three applications are all light-weight, which is a good side.